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First some pictures of the machine   

Pre-drilling holes in a cooling body. by JanBee.

In operation at the Open House meeting on march 30 2013.  
We had a small Proxxon machine for PCB drilling mounted which made 3mm holes in a piece of MDF on the rotation table, just for the demonstration.
Note the holes in the bed on a 10 cm grid. On the bottomside M6 press-fit nuts are mounted to allow rigid fixation of workpieces and supporting tools. 

Other angle of view. In the enlargement the cogged strips below the bed are visible. They serve the X-movement by the two off-hanging motors.
Also note the wheel on top of the Y-axis support, it facilitates a counterweight to neutralize the weight of a more heavy tool, so the Z-motor does not need to keep it all up.    

Close-up of the Proxxon drill, just after drilling some holes during the Open House demo of march 30 2013

Below pictures of some products made with the FlatBed Machine and how they were made.

Pre-drilling holes in a cooling body
For these cooling bodies the mounting holes were pre-drilled with the small Proxxon machine using a drill of  1.3 mm. The holes were approx 1.5 mm deep. Drilling deeper in aluminium is beyond the capacities of this machine, meant for PCB-drilling..
The final M3-threaded holes were made in a conventional way.
I choosed to pre-drill the holes on this machine because of the higher precision w.r.t. doing it by hand.

Yes, something went wrong, which resulted in the holes near the edge of the unit. Not really a problem here.


You can download and view the files used for this job.  

An illuminated house number plate


See the project with some more pictures.

to be continued.........