FlatBed Machine                                                                  

Latest update:  2016-02-24  
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This machine was built by JanBreemer (JanBee) primarely to mill plates of wood, plastics etc.
Processing metals is perhaps possible, but only for small cutting depths.  

This machine has been lent to Hack42, but remains property of Jan Breemer.
Everyone who has read and understands the user instructions ( gebruiksaanwijzing, dutch only) may use the machine, but preferably in the presence of JanBee. 

If you have any wish or proposal to change something on the machine please contact JanBee.

Some important specifications:  
The machine is controlled by G-codes, comparable with the control of 3-D printers. In effect the firmware is derived from the "Marlin firmware for the Ultimaker".
A PC is available with software to control the machine and to play G-code files.  

The way tools can be mounted on the Z-axis is very flexible, many different tools can be mounted with a simple dovetail adapter.
Such adapters can be made by 3-D printing in some cases..  

The  User Instructions are in Dutch only, most of the Technical Descriptions are in English.